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天使なんかじゃない (5) by 矢沢 あい

(Tenshi Nanka Jyanai vol.5 by Yazawa Ai)tenshinai

I teared up rather…  a lot of really sad dialogue in this volume, although perhaps not as depressing as the current Furuba.

I’ve only finished translating one-and-a-half chapters, but finished reading it. I don’t know why is it that I can read manga just fine, but when it comes to translating I can be stuck at a page for a few minutes. Hmm…

To tell the truth, I’m not quite sure why I enjoyed this manga, when I can point out that the storyline is pretty cliched and can actually be corny, and the lead heroine cries too much and doesn’t seem to have an interest outside of the guy she loves. But. Yazawa Ai’s characters are more complex than that, I suppose. Yes, that’s Midori on the surface. But the thing is, she doesn’t have to be a wonderful, strong character because you can relate to her easily the way she is. She’s a person. That’s what I get from reading Yazawa Ai’s manga. Her characters are people, and are perfectly likable despite all their faults and annoying features. I can’t hate Midori because of the same reason she couldn’t hate Shino-chan in this volume, because whatever Shino-chan did, she could understand. To be insanely jealous, to need someone, to want the person you love to love you back… that’s just part of being human. Eek, sappy. But true!

While I am a Midori/Ken supporter, I can see why a relationship couldn’t work out between them. You don’t choose the one you love. As I come to the end of the volume, I find myself thinking that I hope Ken would be happy in the end anyway. What I enjoy most in this volume is the development of the Shino/Takigawa/Mamirin story. I hope there’s more of them in the next volume! (I won’t start on that until I finish translating this though) And Sudou fans would really like the part at the onsen because he looks really good with his hair down.

My copy: borrowed from my colleague

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