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The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer

This book makes these points – (1) If something seems perfect, it probably isn’t (2) and if it is, it won’t last (3) but misery/death is important to give meaning to happiness/life (4) no one is completely good or completely evil (5) and we should accept people for who they are (6) it’s stupid to worry about how things will not last and not enjoy your current fortune (7) and so many other things that I am not remembering now.

I think people who worry about whether or not this story is accurate are completely missing the point, (other than the ones made above) which is that this book is one of the most enjoyable, exciting book ever. It’s got the funny moments (“Just say no to pillaging!”), the gory moments, the emo moments, and even the sickly sweet pretty moments. I like the characters, the pacing of the story, the balance between good and evil in the story. I especially like that last part. There’s no clear-cut line between the two; Olaf’s people are honorable and brutal, while the people from Jack’s village are honest but ignorant. And this book doesn’t shy away from the gore. If heads must be chopped off, off they go, blood and all, gory description and all, children’s book or not. Maybe that’s the best thing about it. Like its characters, it demands that you take it as it is. Because even though it’s not flawless, or maybe because of its flaws, it’s too interesting to turn away from or to outright dislike.

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