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The Game by Diana Wynne Jones

This book is so short, I finished it between the train ride to work this morning and the end of my lunch break. It’s also really cool, of course. But then again, since when is Diana Wynne Jones not cool?

Like all of Jones’ books, once it got its hooks on me I just couldn’t stop reading until I’m done. Even when at work, my mind would still be in the book. She really writes the best fantasies. At the moment I’m reading the quotes on the back of the book and I find myself really agreeing to this one by Megan Whalen Turner – “Diana Wynne Jones chooses the most outlandish subjects and treats them with such aplomb that the reader never blinks. She always gives you characters you believe in from top to bottom and a world whose details you recognize inside and out.”

I love Diana Wynne Jones. I have ever since I read Charmed Lives (which was on 20% in Kino last month, I think) ages and ages ago. The Game is as wonderful as her other books, except that it’s a bit short. I really do wish it’s longer. (Of course, this is a novella) And it’s rather similar to Archer’s Goon and Eight Days of Luke, and both of these other two novels by her pull off the plot better than this book. Overall I get the feeling that she wrote this in a hurry.

So – not as great as Archer’s Goon or Eight Days of Luke, but I really loved the mythology thing. I really liked guessing who’s who, and it took me awhile to remember who the Pleiads were, and I don’t know if I’ve actually read about the Hesperides or not. Now I really have to get cracking on my mythology reading. And I’m pretty sure I’m rambling, because I’m writing this and watching TV and eyeing the new book I bought today (the Doris zine anthology! yay!) at the same time, so I should just end this with THIS BOOK IS GREAT READ IT BUT IF YOU’VE NEVER READ DIANA WYNNE JONES BEFORE THEN READ HER OTHER WORK FIRST!

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