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The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

One thing that I find hard to believe is how not many people I know have read, or even heard of the Percy Jackson books. But then again, even I only knew about it thanks to Ashkarya (eternally grateful, btw!). I am following a lot of great YA fantasy series, and this is one of the best. Septimus Heap is nice but too common (which makes me forget the story a lot), Inkheart is mindblowingly awesome but not as easy to read (definitely the kind you savor rather than swallow whole), and Harry Potter had disappointed me again and again ever since The Order of Phoenix. So at the moment I would say the Percy Jackson books are the best if you’re looking for something really good that you could read in under a couple of hours. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve told Kit something like that, but she said she still won’t promote it because the covers are ugly. Which is sadly true. (She said the same thing of the Icemark Chronicles, another series that people overlook that is really, really cool.)


And so I watch people rave over Artemis Fowl and Eragon. The one time I read Artemis, I spat it back out. And as for Eragon, I couldn’t even finish the first page. Ah well. It’s a sad thing.
Anyway, this book is as rad as I expected it to be. I really like the parts where the gods show up. I loved Apollo, while Artemis and her Hunters annoyed me. While I remember most of the god myths I read as a child, I keep confusing the hero stories – the ones about Hercules, Jason, etc. Must really start reading those stuff again. Anyway, the only complaint I have is the same as the one I had in the last book – the depiction of Aphrodite. I see Aphrodite as slightly more malicious, less ditzy. That scene in Mean Girls where Regina caused that huge catfight in school, and she’s just standing in the midst of it smiling – that is my image of what Aphrodite is like. But I guess it’s not my book! :p
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