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Magic Lessons by Justine Larbalestier


Yay, another “Magic or Madness” book. I got this as soon as I was finishing the first one. I have to wait before reading the last book, though, as it’s still in hardcover.
At the end of the first book Reason accepted that magic is real, blah blah blah, and decides to study magic under her grandmother Esmeralda, even if she still doesn’t trust her. (And yeah, I am the queen of run-on-lines if you haven’t yet noticed in previous posts. I’m also the queen of not sticking to my subjects) However, she soon realizes that even Esmeralda doesn’t know everything about magic and there is still a lot of mystery about how magic works. And then, before she gets to figure things out, she gets kidnapped by someone who seems to be her great-great-great-grandfather (or something like that) and finds about an entirely different kind of magic, one that means she doesn’t necessarily have to die young. Being the second book of a trilogy, this book isn’t as great as the first but still enjoyable. And the ending does make me feel like running out to get the third book ASAP, except for the fact that it’s still in hardcover and I don’t want to ruin my bookshelf with uneven books. :p
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