Marshmallows for Breakfast by Dorothy Koomson

Hmm. Was it as good as My Best Friend’s Girl? It depends, I think. While this book certainly didn’t make me cry my eyes out reading it, or is as emotionally engaging as My Best Friend’s Girl, the fact that it deals with more serious matters makes up for it. It is rare for me to find books that deal with alcoholism or rape the way this one does. Most of the time, when I read about these issues, it would be in zines, in essays. Mostly feminist prose. A little bit clinical sometimes. A lot angry a lot of the time. But in Marshmallows for Breakfast the characters repress their problems, they deny what is happening to them. This book talks about how people deal with things, or what happens when people refuse to deal with things.

The plot is easy to guess but enjoyable, the characters are quite lovable. I swear, I am so in love with Summer and Jaxon. And I’d love to have friends like Kendra or Kyle or Gabrielle. And even though the ending comes about a bit too easily (reality is never that easy) and it’s a bit sugared to cater to the masses, probably, this was a good read.

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