Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

You know what this reminds me of? The L.J. Smith books I used to read in high school. Especially the Forbidden Games trilogy, because Keenan reminds me of Julian. Wicked Lovely is as hard to put down as L.J. Smith’s books were, and as easy to read. I finished it within a day, as soon as I bought it. If Zahirah were still around, I’d have hounded her to rec me more books similar to this from the YA section. As it is, I found Holly Black’s Tithe and am saving up to get her Spiderwick Chronicles, so I’m okay. For now.

The story is simple. There is Girl, who loves Boy (who loves Girl in return). But Girl is not an ordinary girl. She could see fairies, which makes them dangerous to her. Not knowing that Girl is a Seer, Fairy King thinks that she is destined to be Fairy Queen and courts her.

Girl has to make choices: be a vapid fairy, or take a test. If she fails test, she will suffer until the next Fairy Queen candidate, but if she succeeds, she will be Fairy Queen. And then of course, the question – could she be Fairy Queen and still be in love with Boy? I love the quotes

I love the quotes in the beginning of the chapters – I always do love it when there are quotes in the beginning of chapters, but the ones in Wicked Lovely had got me ordering more books (like Kirk & Lang’s The Secret Commonwealth). And I really, really, REALLY enjoyed the ending. Because even though I was rooting for the other guy, I liked that it showed that even when you think you’re in between two very unappetising choices, there is that third option that you have to look for.~ originally posted on

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