Books · Fantasy

Streams of Silver, R.A. Salvatore


The beginning and the end of Bruenor’s quest for Mithril Hall. I think the tone of this story is rather sad. Drizzt once again gets gloomy and a bit depressing, faced with racism again now that he’s out of Icewind Dale. Bruenor having to face the fact that his home is no longer the place he remembered it to be. You know how when reading the Dark Elf trilogy, I can’t seem to get the massacre of the mushroom people out of my head? In this trilogy I can’t seem to forget Bok. I think his character (if a golem could be said to have character) is just too sad. Maybe I’m thinking too much of Frankenstein’s monster. Who also reminds me of Drizzt, although not the same way that it reminds me of Bok. Huh.
As usual, the fighting scenes are cool. All the characters act predictably like themselves, except maybe Cattie-brie.  Bah. Give me Dove Falconhand any day.

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