Little (Grrl) Lost by Charles de Lint

That was an immensely satisfying read. The thing about the Newford books is that, the moment I finish reading one I can’t wait to read another, and despite the fact that I have loads of other books waiting to be read I still just want another Newford book. But I really, really should stick to my 1 CdL book a month rule, so that will have to wait. Good thing I still haven’t read Waifs and Strays, the book I got last month, though.

This book is a lot lighter than the other Newford books I’ve read. It only barely hints at how malicious fairies can get – it covers the basic rules, like nothing is free, don’t accept or promise favors, etc., but the characters that make an appearance are generally with good intentions. Like Tetty/Elizabeth, the Little who just wants to prove that she could make it on her own. Or the Ratcatcher, who doesn’t really kill rats, and is really a baker. Again, this is a new part of Newford, one I haven’t yet seen. The only name mentioned that I recognized was Tatiana McGree’s, but then I’d know that name even if I’ve never heard of Charles de Lint.

This book makes me think of a conversation during lunch break once, when Jen commented that it’d be nice if we had a hobgoblin in unit 1 who shelves books for us, and I read about something like that in Spirits in the Wires so I told her about it. I was thinking at the time, but didn’t say out loud, that in real life people don’t meet the nice helpful fairies, but I guess in this book it shows that sometimes strange friendships do happen. Not that Tetty/Elizabeth is in any way friendly or kindly or anything like that. She’s as angsty as every other teenager, but she’s okay. I hope that she reappears in future books.~ originally posted on

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