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Mini Reviews: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Time Was/Times Change, We Thought You Would Be Prettier

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

This is a great book to start the year with, because (1) it’s hilarious and had me laughing almost the whole time I was reading it, and (2) it’s scary enough to make me vow not to overspend this year… or at least this month? After all, I already have 4 birthdays to shop for…


The first book had me reaching pretty much the same way – I loved it and it scared me. Add to that the feeling that I probably won’t read the second book, because I’m not too keen on getting a whole series of mass market books cluttering up my shelves. Then one day I at work I saw the shiny new B-formats, and I thought, I have to have them!
…Becky and I have something in common, even if it isn’t shoes.
Time Was / Times Change by Nora Roberts
The version I have of this is an older one, but I can’t find the cover so I’m putting up the reprint version instead. This book is really an anthology of two of Nora Roberts’ sci-fi novellas, Time Was and Times Change. I think it’s the whole time-travel thing that makes them two of my favorite Roberts stories, rather than the actual quality of the writing (these two were part of her earlier work, which are not as addictive as her current work).

I like her take on what the future would be like – instead of focusing a lot on technology, she shows that people are still people in the future, no matter how much else changes. The interactions between Caleb and Liberty in Time Was, or between Jacob and Sunbeam in Times Change were really funny and interesting. I enjoyed the different ways they phrase things, and how the meanings of words could change in time. Liberty/Libby’s thoughts on how Caleb’s speech patterns or word choices reflect the century he came from were interesting as well.

Other than that, both of these books are typical love stories.

We Thought You Would Be Prettier by Laurie Notaro
This would have gotten 4 hearts from me if it wasn’t for the fact that there were one or two chapters/articles that I find myself skipping through. Everything else in this book is so funny and engaging, that I pretty much breezed through this book. I loved entries like “Attack of the XL Girl” (if she thinks shopping for XL sizes is hard in US, she should try it here – I’d love to read her take on that!), “National Stupidity Day” (reminds me of all the less-than-intelligent customer inquiries I’ve had to handle), and “But It Won’t Fit Up My Nose” (a funny take on what happens when two biblioholics marry).
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