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Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

The thing about this book is, it reminds me of too many things that are probably best forgotten. But as I get further along into the story, I realized how cathartic it must have been for Hannah, recording all of the tapes. And even though I had a different ending, there are so many things that I never got to say because I’m still here, and I don’t really want to say if I’m going to continue being her and having to look at the consequences of all the things that needed saying. Maybe this will be what my next Doris Ghost zine will try to do.


I loved that it showed that there is no one person, or no one event that is to blame. Because that’s how it happens. All these little things snowballing and turning into something that makes you wonder, how did I get here in the first place? When did this happen to me? By tracing the names of all the people that hurt her, Hannah managed to find a connection. She realized how things that happen could affect other things that will happen, and it goes on until it became too big a burden for her to carry. I really liked that it showed how the smallest things could completely change what happens in the future, that every single thing we do counts. I wished that she had a different ending, too, but I know that this book is exactly the way it’s supposed to be already.
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