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Weekly Geek #18: Catching Up

This week’s theme is… catching up! Hmm… I have a lot of things to catch up on, but everything that comes immediately to mind is in by TBR pile.

I have been on a book binge this month and my TBR just keeps on piling. I’d read 2 books and go out to buy 5 more. *dies*


The book highest in my list right now would be some of the YA books I’ve bought recently, because I am a book junkie and am very guilty of book abuse. YA novels are my drug of choice. Always. (I see fantasy novels as more like air I need to breathe, than drugs) Whenever I feel there’s a black cloud hovering over my head, it’s off to my YA shelves I go. I really am looking forward to reading Peter Cameron’s Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You, which I’ve flipped through a lot (enough times to copy down a quote from it for my last WG!) but haven’t properly read, because I was reading for my R.I.P III challenge. I’m also piling a list of TBR books for my one week holiday starting on the 27th, including books like Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and China Mieville’s Un Lun Dun. I have 2 books remaining for my R.I.P. III challenge, and I’m going to be reading them in October. And… I need to come up with a list and write a post for the Fall Into Reading challenge.

I really need to update my sidebar. There are so many book blogs I read regularly, and almost none of them are on my sidebar. Every now and then I want to add my Shelfari of LibraryThing widget back on the sidebar, but really I can’t stand the clutter. I thought of making a new layout for the blog, but I’ve been procrastinating as usual. I’ll probably just change the header and pretend it’s a new layout, haha. Well, at the moment I’m fine with the current one anyway.

I just found out that the Blood Ties TV series, based on Tanya Huff’s novels, is being shown here! I need to make sure we have all the titles, in the new version, as the old ones are out of print. I might get these books for myself, as the episode I saw was pretty cool. I also need to check up on all those lost ISBNs, mostly because one of our suppliers almost never have the books in stock. I have a pocketful of ISBNs to check up on.

non-book related
I need to send off my remaining swaps from Swap-bot, and send out more cards on postcrossing. Then I need to get started on my statistics assignment.


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