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Weekly Geek #18: Ending

I forgot to include my end post for WG18. Since I don’t think I’m participating for #19 (it’s a great idea, but too much of a hassle for me to go through the books I read this year and sort out the ones that were published in 2008. That’s why when I put my “best of the year” lists I include those that are published before, as well – as long as I read the book in 2008 it’s fine with me 😀 )

Anyway, I wanted to catch up with my TBR list, and I did, a little~
The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman
Storm Front, Jim Butcher
Death: The Time of Your Life, Neil Gaiman
Exchange, Paul Magrs
Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You, Peter Cameron
I think I did okay, considering it’s been a rather busy week!

I didn’t get to adding more blogs I read to my sidebar, but I did end up putting my LibraryThing widget up like I wanted to. I spent most of the week attempting to re-update my LT library. I was going to change my blog layout, but decided in the end that I like it this way, for now.

I’ve re-ordered all of the books that need re-ordering, and the list of books that we have never ordered before are with my boss so that she could check them. All is good! 😀

non-book related
I’ve progressed on my assignments, and found great references for my final paper, which I really don’t have to do until next semester, but am enjoying more than my current assignments.


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