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Review: Un Lun Dun by China Mieville

I started this book thinking that it reminds me of Neverwhere, and ended it thinking that it reminded me of The Phantom Tollbooth. Since both are in my “absolute favourites!” list, this book immediately is categorised as such.

[possible spoilers ahead]

It started with Zanna and Deeba, two best friends from London who found themselves in the abcity Un Lun Dun (UnLondon). There they learn of the UnSun, the UnLondon-I, and the Smog who have been terrorising UnLondoners. Zanna learns that she is the much prophesied Shwazzy, or the Chosen one who is meant to save UnLondon from the Smog. It looks like everything was going to be just fine for UnLondon now that the two girls have arrived… until everything went wrong.

When an attack from the Smog forces the girls back home to London, they were relieved. Zanna would prefer to forget everything that happened, but Deeba couldn’t help but wonder about the fate of UnLondon. When she discovers a conspiracy that could mean the doom of the abcity, she tries to find a way back into UnLondon to warn her friends there.

I really liked the fact that it wasn’t the Chosen one, but the UnChosen one who saves the day in the end. And I love the wordplay, the language, the characters, the world. I would say more, but it is Aidilfitri today and I’m supposed to go down and be social, so this is it. :p

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