Sexy Tag

Ahaha, I’ve been threatened bodily harm if I didn’t do this tag. (^_^) But just for the record, Marinekos are not sexy! They may be totally cute and adorable (sometimes), but not sexy… lol. Anyway, we’re supposed to include three photos of ourselves which we consider to be “sexy.” This doesn’t mean revealing clothing or sexy poses necessarily, but what we think is sexy. Like, a smile, or something. After that we’re to tag 5 people to be sexy on their blogs.

Okay, here goes –

dorky booksellers are sexy!
(or maybe they’re just dorky… lol)

rebellious teens are sexy!
(This photo was taken in my late teens, and I wasn’t very rebellious, really.)

mad tea parties are sexy!
(ahh… I miss those days. my friends and I had an impromptu tea party and dressed in costumes and talked crazy the whole evening.)

The five people I tag are – er, everyone reading this! :p

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