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Review: The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (2) by Otsuka Eiji& Yamazaki Housui

I think I may have to actually follow this series now; thank you Kit for making me addicted to yet another series that I probably can’t afford to follow! :p

*spoiler alert*

While the first volume of Kurosagi Corpse was episodic, and has a different case in each chapter, this volume tells one story and works as a standalone. It’s about Sasaki Ao, the leader of the delivery service. From the first book I knew that she has access to a chat room called Corpse-Chat and has a morbid interest in the dead, but in this volume her backstory is revealed and I found out what started her out.

Born as Saito Ao, Sasaki had returned home to discover her parents and younger sister brutally murdered. (She changed her name to Sasaki after being adopted by relatives) The only survivors from the massacre were her older sister and herself, because they were not inside at the time. However, she clearly remembered a man who had asked her the pin code to the main apartment entrance when she was outside. While her sister was consumed with thoughts of revenge, Sasaki claimed to have put it behind her. However, this volume shows that she had been just as obsessed with the past, spending nights poring over the pictures of her dead family.

The Kurosagi Delivery Service was started by Sasaki, and what they do is deliver corpses to where they need to go before their souls could rest in peace and move on to the next life. Most of the time the corpses had unpleasant deaths and the delivery service would have to help them get their revenge on the living. But what about the living who want revenge upon the dead? Apparently there is another group of people offering this service – they bring the dead back to life so that those victimised by them could exact their revenge. Since the man accused of murdering Sasaki’s family was on death row (and have died), Sasaki and her sister were invited to participate in it so that they could finally revenge their family.

I really like how the story unfolds slowly, revealing the story in small pieces and putting it together at the end. A good mystery. A creepy one, too. I like stories that discuss the need for and consequence of revenge (the Blade of the Immortal series is especially good at that) . If you think “an eye for an eye”, and kill the killer, what really makes you different from them? In a smaller extent it also talks about cheating death and why bringing back the dead will not change the fact that they had died, but it didn’t explore that as much as I would have liked. The best part of this manga? It’s really somber and serious, but still funny!

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