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BTT: Generosity

Do you give books as gifts?

To everyone? Or only to select people?

How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

I give books as gifts, for the most part. Everyone in my family loves books, so giving books is probably expected (especially since I work in a bookstore!). My mom loves Indian literature and romance novels, my dad loves travelogues, history books, and good mysteries, my brothers both like sci-fi/fantasy (the eldest leans towards Michael Chabon or Neil Gaiman, the other one likes R.A. Salvatore or Ed Greenwood), my sister loves chick lit and YA novels, and my sister-in-law likes anything good. 😀 Oh, and my baby niece loves Slinky Malinki picture books. So if I’m getting gifts for them, I usually would go for books. With friends, I give them books if I know there’s something they want, or sometimes books I love that I thought they might like, but if I’m not sure whether or not they already have a book I want to get them, or if I don’t know what book they really want, I’ll give them a voucher from the bookstore.

I don’t always give books, though. Some of my friends don’t read a lot, or always buy their own books and prefer to receive non-bookish items. I feel like that sometimes. It’s great to receive book from people who know exactly what I want, but I’ve received a few books that I would never read as presents (like a book by Ann Rule, for example) because the giver only knew that I love books, and not what sort of book I like. Sometimes book vouchers are the best gift (because I could use them to get books I’ve been saving for), or just other things like great postcards, Blythe clothing, etc.

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