Books Read 03/03 – 03/08

Well, first of all I finished Terri Windling’s The Wood Wife, of course. It’s one of the most wonderful reading experiences I’ve had. The way she wrote about art and poetry reminded me of Francesca Lia Block, but better, somehow. Because I remember the Weetzie Bat books being about the healing power of art, but Terri Windling also touch about the darkness of it, when you could be crushed by the desire to make great things.

Something about it also reminded me of Nora Roberts, which is something I would never expect. It’s not really the romance element (although Nora Roberts is a romance author), but something about how Windling described the characters and their relationship to the desert. It reminded me of Nora Roberts’ Irish books (especially the Concannon sisters’ trilogy) because of how all the characters are interesting individuals, and they all seem to be very much the people of their land.

The next day I finally got myself a copy of Scott Westerfeld’s Pretties. I started it immediately and enjoyed it more than the first book! Since in this installment Tally has become a pretty and lives in New Pretty Town, I got to see more of her world, and what was it like being a pretty. I went through the book really fast and now wish it’s next month already so that I could justify getting myself a copy of Specials. (Well, if I really can’t wait, I might read an e-book first before buying a physical version… but e-books are just not the same.)

On Thursday I started reading Gail Carson Levine’s Ella Enchanted. It took me a long time to finally read this book, because I happened to see the movie first. It was cute and funny, and I could watch it several times, but I didn’t think that it would be a good read. It seemed more like a parody of fairy tales than a reworking. But then time went by and I thought I shouldn’t judge a book by the movie, so I picked it up. I enjoyed it so much, and I couldn’t believe the changes that was made in the movie version because they were so unnecessary. The book is perfect the way it is. It’s one of my favourite Cinderella retellings now.

I was in the mood for more books like Ella Enchanted, and the closest I have in my TBR pile (that I could notice jutting out of it, anyway) was Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy. That’s another book I’ve been putting off for awhile. Because of the title. What I should have remembered that Shannon Hale could do no wrong. I really loved Princess Academy, and I find Miri a really likable character that I wish I could have gotten to know when I was younger. I’ve already written a 3-page rant/review sort of thing for my zine about the book and movie, so there isn’t much to add. I liked what it said about education and reading, how it could completely change a person’s life.

I didn’t read much yesterday (well, a little of Specials in e-book, but only about 91 pages or so) because I was doing my Statistics assignment. However, in between all of the other books I’ve been reading a story a day from Charles de Lint’s What the Mouse Found & Other Stories. I read the last story today. It’s really a very charming collection of stories. If the book wasn’t so expensive (anything by Subterranean Press is like uber-expensive in Malaysia, so we don’t even carry the titles in the store. I have to special-order mine.) I would get it as gifts to every child I know! And friends who would appreciate the stories. Like the introduction mentioned, a couple of the stories really reminded me of A.A. Milne and Kenneth Grahame, but that was a good thing. I remember my first time readingThe Wind in the Willows – I was sick and had a bad fever, it was the fasting month and a very hot day on top of that. But The Wind in the Willows made it one of the most beautiful days I remember. That’s the sort of book What the Mouse Found & Other Stories is.

Right now I’ve given up on Specials temporarily (still can’t stand e-books for the most part), and am reading Will Shetterly’s Elsewhere instead. Yay for reprints! Now if they’d reprint Emma Bull’s Finder and/or the first two Borderland anthologies, I’d be very happy. I have Finder in e-book format, but haven’t read it yet. Still hoping to get a physical copy.

BTW, I just finished my midterms today! Yay!

Note: all of these books were purchased at Books Kinokuniya KL

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