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KL Alternative Bookfest

The picture is from Charlene Rajendran’s book launch. I got a copy of her book,Taxi Tales On A Crooked Bridge, there. I used to really adore her in high school when I saw her play My Grandmother’s Chicken Curry. She came to my school sometimes as a judge for our choral speaking and drama competitions. Last week I found out that she’s the daughter of my mother’s principal! Haha… it really is a small world.

Last year was the first time the KLAB was held and I was sorry to have missed it, but at least I got to check out this year’s! Most of the booths sold books by independent publishers – we sell most of the same books at Kino so I only got the ones that were much cheaper than the normal retail price, like The Malaysian Book of the Undead for only RM15! Yay, finally a fun reference to all those local hantus.

My favourite booth was by the DRAM Projects because they have cheap books and most of them are YA or children’s books. I bought a copy of Westerfeld’sSpecials for only RM2! Such a lovely coincidence, really, when that’s the only Westerfeld book there and that’s the only book from the Uglies series that I don’t have. I also got Haddix’s Just Ella for RM10, and when I noticed Melissa Marr’s Ink Exchange for RM8 I immediately picked it up for Ichigo (I gave her Wicked Lovely as a present sometime ago, so this would go nicely with it!)

The KLAB was held at the Annexe, which is where the Ricecooker Shop is. Ricecooker sells a lot of music by local indie acts, as well as zines, used books, etc. I’m really happy because I finally got a copy of Couple’s cd! They’re a Malaysian indiepop band.

I met up with Mils there and she wanted to check out the Arts for Grabs, but there really weren’t a lot of interesting art so we left after the Charlene Rajendran launch was finished. We had lunch at a nearby mamak and thought of going to Taman Tasik Perdana for picture taking, but we kept losing our way and accidentally taking the roads that would take us to PJ! In the end we accepted that something or someone up there wanted us to go to PJ, so we did. Mils wanted to check out this new clothing store she heard about called Badger, which supposedly has cool hoodies. Since both of us love hoodies, we went, but their girl hoodie designs weren’t as interesting as their guy ones, which weren’t right size-wise, so we didn’t get anything.

I wanted to pass my zine and a book I bought for Amanda (Jordan Crane’s The Clouds Above) so we went to her place to pass the zine before we had dinner in Melati. Throughout the long drives we listened to the Coral Sea, which makes long drives pretty much perfect.

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