Review: The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

This is the second book in the Queen’s Thief series, and I enjoyed it more than the first! In this book, Gen/Eugenides is now the Queen’s Thief, and delights in causing chaos in the court of Eddis. The tension between Eddis, Sounis, and Attolia is rising, and Eugenides will have to try to steal peace for his country and Queen.

Like in the first book, this novel amazes me. I adore Eugenides because of how he lets the people around him believe that he is just an oaf and a petty thief, but by the end of the story you realise that he had been manipulating the situation since the beginning. Even though the story is getting darker, with the impending war and all, some of the scenes and dialogues make me laugh out loud, and the parts that show the relationship between Eugenides and Eddis are just so cute.

While The Thief was written in first-person, The Queen of Attolia is in third-person narrative, distancing the reader from Eugenides just a little – while it’s in third-person, it still is told mostly from his point of view. All the better to see the plot unwind bit-by-bit and to be blown away by the ending!

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