Review: BECK (34) by Harold Sakuishi

When I started this, I didn’t realise that it was the last volume of BECK. I did notice that the story was winding down, but I had hoped that there would be one or two more volumes before the end.

Volume 34 continues with BECK’s performance at the Greatful Sound festival. It might be the last Greatful Sound fest, as Satou, the person in charge of it, was in huge debt. This volume really is just about that performance, and includes a lot of flashbacks of the characters. In volume 33, there was Saku’s flashback to when he first met Koyuki. He stated that the reason he practises his drums so hard was because he wanted to be able to keep up with Koyuki always. In Taira’s flashbacks, he admitted that when he was jumping from band to band he was always unsatisfied. He was always looking for a sound he couldn’t describe, until he found Koyuki. He also said that he never thought he’d find friendship in his band members, until he became a member of BECK. Chiba said that he was always running from something or towards something, but it was Koyuki who made him stop. Ryusuke, without whom Koyuki wouldn’t have been Koyuki, said that Koyuki reminded him of himself when he was young, with one difference – Koyuki wasn’t trying to be someone else. He wasn’t chasing after someone’s back. Right before their encore performance (in the middle of a typhoon), Koyuki had flashbacks of the times he spent with his band members, and how each of them changed his life.

Very sappy stuff. But after 33 volumes with these characters, and knowing just how close they are to each other, and remembering how each of them started out, the flashbacks really had a lot of impact. I liked the ending, after the Greatful Sound performance, when all of them were getting ready for their national tour, and Koyuki observed that he didn’t know what would happen to the band in the future, but he wasn’t worried because at the moment he was happy.

Vol 34 also included a standalone chapter, “The Last Day of Eddie Lee.” Which is pretty much self-explanatory. I liked that it showed the other side of Eddie’s last song that Koyuki finished, Devil’s Way, and the other people it meant a lot to.

I’ll miss being able to look forward to new volumes of BECK.

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