Empress of the World by Sara Ryan

Nic decided to join a summer program for gifted students because she thought it would help her explore her interest in archeology, but instead she found herself an interesting group of friends, including Battle Hall Davies, a dancer with beautiful blonde hair. Nic and Battle became fast friends, and develop a relationship, but Nic refuses to be labeled as a “lesbian” because she is also attracted to boys. However, as Nic fell more in love with Battle, she also over-analyses everything she and others think or feel, which makes Battle uncomfortable.

I found this novel enjoyable, but not amazing. Nic is a likable character, and I liked that even in the narration she is always analysing and rationalising things – in an awkward moment she was looking at the carpet, and she thought about how it was probably chosen because it hid dirt better. I liked most of the other characters – even Kevin. But somehow I didn’t get completely into the story, and it was probably because of Battle. She failed to keep my interest – I saw that Nic loved her, but I couldn’t see why. She didn’t have that quality, I suppose, like when I was reading Julie Anne Peter’s Far From Xanadu and I became as obsessed with Xanadu as the protagonist was, but all the time Nic was talking about Battle I didn’t see her as anything other than a girl with beautiful hair. I did warm up to her as the story unfolds, and enjoyed it a lot, but I just didn’t immediately jump into the story, I guess.

Oh, but one thing makes this book the best ever – Katrina, one of Nic & Battle’s friends, dressed up as Weetzie Bat at their costume dance!

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