Mini Review: Sweet Lovin’ Baby by Yamaji Ebine

I really loved Yamaji Ebine’s Love My Life, which I first read as a scanlation. When I was in Japan I looked for her manga, but most of the bookstores didn’t carry them – except for Village Vanguard (I love Village Vanguard!). I bought Love My Life as well as a couple of other manga by her, and among the others this is my favourite.

Sweet Lovin’ Baby is a collection of short stories (in manga format) by Yamaji Ebine. Most of the stories contain GLBT themes, but then again, that’s the case with all her manga that I’ve read. While this may be part of why I love her work – I really like how she depicts lesbian relationships in a way that is very down-to-earth, which is rare in the yuri manga I’ve been exposed to – what initially drew me in was her art. I read a lot of shojo and shonen, so her art seemed a lot more simple and beautiful (and again, down-to-earth) than I was used to.

I’m going to Bookxcess now, so I don’t really have time to write a proper review. I’ll just write about the title story, which is one of my favourites. The protagonist of Sweet Lovin’ Baby is a straight girl who befriends a lesbian couple, and became attached to them. However, the couple had problems of their own, and I guess especially right now I could relate to the feeling when two people you really care about are breaking up.

A couple of chapters have been scanlated by Lililicious, apparently. They also have other scanlations of Yamaji Ebine’s manga:

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