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Musing Mondays: Currently Reading

What are you currently reading?
Is it any good?
Would you recommend it?

I only just finished reading Sarra Manning’s Adorkable. These days I’ve been reading more YA than “adult” fiction, and more “realistic” YA fiction than SF/Fantasy, which are the genres I usually read the most. And I’ve been liking books like Anna and the French Kiss and The Fine Art of Truth or Dare, which are both in the “Teen Chick Lit” section at our store. Romantic comedies. Adorkableis my first by Sarra Manning, although I remember wanting to read Guitar Girlwhen it first came out. Somehow I never did get around to it, and now I wish I did, because if it’s anything like Adorkable then I know I’d love it.
The plot in Adorkable isn’t really that special – it is a romantic comedy, after all – but I really liked Jeane’s character. She’s like… the anti-Mary Sue. She would probably be a witchbaby if she was a teen around the time the witchbaby e-group was still around. In fact, she would probably really love Francesca Lia Block’s Weetzie Bat books. Her name reminds me of the Smiths song and the fact that her favourite band’s name is Duckie only reminds me of Pretty in Pink, and the fact that the lead singer’s name is Molly can’t be a coincidence. Well, even if it is, the fact that it reminds me of Pretty in Pink is awesome enough. (I’ve since discovered that Molly is also the protagonist in Guitar Girl, so now I have to read it.) I would recommend this book if only for Jeanne, but it’s also funny and fun and it has that extra something that my sister says is lacking in Anna and the French Kiss – although we can’t quite name what it is and we both still like the book, despite the lack, and whatever it is, Adorkable has it in abundance.
Well, this is rather rambly. My answer is, to put it simply – (1) I’m reading Sarra Manning’s Adorkable, (2) it’s good, and (3) yes, I would recommend it.

Musing Mondays


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