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BTT: Series/Standalone

Vampira2468 asks: Series or Stand-alone?

While I don’t mind getting hooked into a new series every now and then, especially if it’s good, these days I’d rather read standalones than first volumes of a series. I guess partly it’s the fact that I have a shrinking book budget these days, so I can’t always afford to follow all the series I want – I still am a couple of books behind on both of Riordan’s series (I think). Catching up is tiresome, too, when I’m always having to try new things for work – since we rarely do new installments for a series in promotions, the books I read for work tend to be first books of new series’ or standalones. So I end up starting a lot of new series’ and not have the time to catch up with most of them. And then there’s the fact that I always feel compelled to read the rest of the series, even if I wasn’t too keen on the first book. One thing that doesn’t bother me, I suppose, is the wait. Since I still have lots of series that I’ve yet to catch up with, I don’t mind waiting for the next book at all. And when it’s a series I really love, that moment when a book you’ve been waiting for for what feels like ages finally gets released… there’s nothing like it. The last time this happened was with Holly Black’s Black Heart.
Of course, sometimes a standalone is so enjoyable that I would wish that it’s a series. Or, like in the case of the Enomoto Kei books, I would find myself wishing for new books in the series so much. When I’m really into the characters (like Enomoto) I want to read as much about them as possible.  So it isn’t really that I dislike series’ – it’s just that at this point in time it’s more convenient for me to try standalones instead.

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