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Musing Mondays: Magazines

Do you read magazines? If so, which ones? If not, why not?

I don’t read magazines properly, in the sense of reading every article from cover to cover. But I do read them – usually an article/essay/interview or two, while flipping through the rest and just looking at pictures. My favourite magazine isBitch (the “feminist response to pop culture”), which is also the only English-language magazine I frequently purchase these days. I’d buy every single issue, but apparently we could only get some issues, here. On the rare occasion I might get Locus, but usually it’s too difficult to order from here, so unless it’s an issue Ireally want I wouldn’t bother.

Other than that, I subscribe to Liniere, a Japanese fashion/lifestyle mag, because the pictures are always so gorgeous, and I love the freebies in every issue. (I got a Moomin lunch bag/tote from the July issue!) I also tend to buy a lot of Japanese entertainment mags (H, +act, anan, etc) and TV guides (TV Pia, Weekly the Television, TV Guide, etc).

As for online magazines, I’m not sure if counts, but I read it frequently 🙂


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