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Christmas Books!

Every year, I get seriously tempted by Kinokuniya’s Christmas Promo YA list – I’d want everything. I’m greedy like that. But usually I only get 2 to 5 titles, because I’d be saving my December book money for the Big Bad Wolf warehouse sale. And every year I’d be happy because I bought LOTS of books at the sale, only to realise half-a-year later that I hardly touched the BBW stack, because there are always shinier, more tempting books to be read. And I end up buying previous Christmas titles at full price (okay, with my staff discount, but it’s still more than if I had used the Christmas discount!) because I wanted to read those more.


This year, I decided to skip on the Big Bad Wolf, and get what I actually want to read, rather than spend money on more books “just because it’s cheap”. And this is the result…


This is not counting three other Christmas titles I would’ve bought, but I happened to receive, such as the John Green boxed set, Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina, and David Levithan’s Every Day.

I also bought about six paperbacks not in the Christmas list, because reading Pratchett gave me a weird craving for emo YA books.


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