Re-Reading The Mortal Instruments (1st Cycle)




These three books make the first cycle of the Mortal Instruments series, and the only cycle I’ve read up til recently. Even when I first read these books I knew that Cassandra Clare used to write fic for the HP fandom, and that a lot of the fandom dislike or outright hates her now, but I wasn’t in the fandom, and didn’t really care. I asked a friend (who was in the fandom) if the Mortal Instruments was originally a fic, and she told me no, not really, although she DID have a fic called Mortal Instruments and she butchered many of her previous fics to use in these books. This, I didn’t really have a problem with, and anyway the books seemed more like Buffy than like HP to me, and they’re fun to read. Sure, they read a lot like fanfic, but that’s part of the appeal – the pacing works better than a lot of the paranormal YAs I was reading at the time, and each chapter ends with something that makes me craving the next (something fic writers do because we release chapters independently from each other).

But in this new re-read, I’m looking at the books differently. I have read more on the whole Cassandra Clare thing, and found that in her fanfics, she had included dialogue from other books/TV series, verbatim. And she used descriptions from books like Pamela Dean’s The Secret Country. (Pamela Dean herself doesn’t seem to care, though?) This is often done in fanfic as tributes to different fandoms, but they’re usually noted in a disclaimer at the beginning or end of their respective chapters. From what I read, Cassandra Clare never did do the disclaimer thing. And in this new reading of these books, I noticed something I hadn’t before, because I’m reading them years later, after I’ve watched Buffy a million times over.

The books still contained dialogue that was originally from Buffy. Verbatim.

(Honestly, though, I actually enjoyed that. The references to Buffy appealed to the geek in me, even if the fact that it’s plagiarism is still true.)

Do I still like this series? Yeah. A lot. It doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable, to me. It’s just a lot less shiny, I suppose.

And it did make me want to start reading the second cycle of the series.

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