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Top Ten Books I Want to Reread

Top Ten Tuesday is a book meme from The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s top ten is on books I want to reread, which is good because I feel like rereading so many things right now. At the same time, it seems kind of like cheating doing this while doing a reread project. But I’m going to try to use as few DWJ books in my top ten as possible, so that I could talk about other books I wish to reread. Mostly old books.

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean
I always want to reread this book, and DWJ’s Fire and Hemlock. I hold them in equal regard for the most part. I love this book because it’s a Tam Lin retelling, of course, but I also love it because the characters quote Shakespeare and other works of literature ALL THE TIME and I always wished that college could actually be like that, and I’ve read reviews by people saying that they didn’t like Janet (even from some of those that liked the book) so I know not everyone feels the same, but I loved Janet and was bitterly disappointed that my college life was so different from hers. (I could do without the whole going against the Queen of the Fairies thing, though!)

Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones

I know I said I’ll try to keep the DWJ to a minimum but this is the other book I always want to reread. I love it for the books mentioned and for the way books are talked about, for the discussions/thoughts on heroes and heroic destinies, for the girl!hero Polly that I loved just as much as Janet, for Polly’s childhood/situation with her parents that like all the other DWJs, saved me and gave me hope, growing up.

Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers

When I was reading The Ogre Downstairs there’s this bit that used the body-switch trope, which is a trope I like. And I thought of why I liked it, and the answer is Freaky Friday, and it made me really want to read it again.

Lisa and Lottie by Erich Kastner

A different sort of body-switch story – the one where twins switch places. I think the Parent Trap movies were based on this book. This was another old favourite that I’ve only read once, because I borrowed my cousin’s copy – which she then lost and I’ve never been able to find another one since it’s out of print. Now that I’m writing this, I just thought of ordering it through abebooks though, so I may just do that.

The Monster Garden by Vivien Alcock

Another childhood favourite! I’ve the feeling that this list is going to be made up of mostly those. This book, I once borrowed from the National Library. And while I had this vague memory of it existing and being a book I loved, I couldn’t remember the author or title until I read DWJ’s Reflections on the Magic of Writing – she mentioned it in one of the essays/talks in the book and I immediately recognised it as that phantom book I’d read and loved but couldn’t remember. Also out of print. Ugh.

Borderland, edited by Terri Windling and Mark Alan Arnold

Really, I want to do a read/reread of the whole series. I read old library copies of the first two anthologies. I don’t even remember which library – probably the National Library, or my school (Convent Bukit Nanas)’s library, since those were the only libraries I’ve used that had old books. I was never able to find my own copies (out of print, again) but have been collecting what I can when they got reprinted, or through abebooks. Right now I’m only missing this first anthology.

The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper

Like with the Bordertown books, I want to reread the whole series. But for the sake of this list, this is the book in the series I want to reread the most. (Or maybe The Grey King. Can’t decide.)

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

I’ve been meaning to reread this (but not LotR, I’m not sure I have the patience to reread THAT now) as I watch the films, but I’ve yet to start. Now I figure I’ll wait for the last film to be out, and reread it after.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

I remember really liking this, but not much else. Definitely time to revisit.

A College of Magics by Caroline Stevermer

Every now and then I think about this book, and wish to read it again. I think I didn’t pay enough attention the first time I read it, thinking I’d just enjoy the story first and leave all the “work” to my future reread, but now it’s years later and I’m still wondering when I’ll pick it back up. I may be doing so in the next couple of months, since all the DWJ rereads have made me want to read things like this.
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