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Giveaway: ‘Five Diana Wynne Jones Books’ mini-zines


It’s already November 6th where I am now (oops), but this last week had been wonderful – it’s always nice to see other people being enthusiastic about Diana Wynne Jones! – and I did say that I wanted to give away copies of these mini-zines.These are two volumes of tiny 6-page zines, one by me, and the other by Daphne, about five Diana Wynne Jones books that we love. Since these are small and would be easy to mail, I am giving them away to anyone who asks, up until November 15th. Just e-mail me at marisarepin at gmail with the subject “DWJ minizines” with your name and postal address, and it’ll be on your way! (Please note that mail from my country can take up to a month or more to arrive depending on where you are, though.) It would be nice if you also tell me about YOUR favourite Diana Wynne Jones book, although you don’t have to 🙂

And… that’s it!


3 thoughts on “Giveaway: ‘Five Diana Wynne Jones Books’ mini-zines

    1. I could go with ‘Fire & Hemlock’ — it’s an obvious one — but if I could be allowed a series your review of ‘Cart and Cwidder’ reminds me that the Dalemark books have much to recommend them. In many ways they remind me of Ursula Le Guin — no bad thing — and I suspect they’re books I could read again and again.


      1. Ursula Le Guin! The Earthsea books are another series I think I need to reread (or read for the first time, when it comes to Tales from Earthsea and The Other Wind). I think one of my friends (Kit, who was supposed to do the third minizine but have yet to choose the books she’d like to write about) feel the same way about the Dalemark books. I told her that she could just do the four books and add Enchanted Glass for the zine (another of her favourites), but she thought it was cheating. I think she’s going with The Spellcoats for her favourite Dalemark.

        (just realised that when I reply on my wordpress app, it comes out as a new comment!)


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