Mini-Zines: Five Diana Wynne Jones Books

photo by Eeling πŸ™‚

Sometime last year, I thought about doing a series of zines about children’s books, and of course, I would want to start with Diana Wynne Jones. (This is not that zine, by the way.) Around the same time, I started to get into mini-zines, because they’re perfect and tiny and I don’t have as many excuses not to get them done in time. I did a mini-zine on my favourite places and things to do in Tokyo (called Tokyo is My Barcelona), and I did a J-Pop edition of TiMB with concert venues, drama locations and places to purchase secondhand merchandise. And then I brought up the idea of doing one for DWJ with Daphne and Kit, my book BFFs.

I asked each of them to write about five DWJ books – they can be their favourites, but they don’t have to be. We each didn’t know which titles the others were writing about until the end. I find it interesting that among the three of us, we didn’t choose the same title, except for Dark Lord of Derkholm, which both Daphne and Kit chose, although they had different takes on it. So these zines really are mini-zines, tiny and maybe not perfect, about five books by Diana Wynne Jones that we chose, and what they meant to us.

The first two volumes were finished last year, and I had done a giveaway for them. Last month Kit finished the third volume.

Available for RM3.50 (Malaysia) / USD 1.50 (rest of the world) OR trade* for the set
e-mail marisarepinATgmail for copies πŸ™‚

*in exchange for snail mail – a letter, a postcard, or a zine of your own


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