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The April Trip Post, Part One

I think going on semi-hiatus was really bad for me. Even though I had posts queued up for the month I had to work to get back into the habit of posting regularly – it’ll be awhile before I feel up to doing any of the weekly memes, for one. But that’s okay. I’m going to concentrate on the DWJ rereads before anything else. My next read? The Skiver’s Guide, which I’ll actually be reading for the first time, so that will be fun. (I hope to finish reading the Kaye Webb biography before that, though.) I won’t be doing a DWJ reread post this weekend, though, because I’m going to Singapore on Friday.

I said that I will be posting more on the reason for my semi-hiatus, and this is one of them – I went on a trip with my parents, sister and her husband Neville. I’ve been going to Japan twice, three times a year for a few years for Arashi concerts and other events, and when my dad, a train enthusiast, heard about my shinkansen trips he decided that he needed to go on one. Last May I took him and my mother to Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and Hida Takayama, and when my sister saw the pictures she wanted to go. Hence this year’s trip.

This trip was fun, but also very touristy, so I don’t have much to say about it. Here are some pictures from the first four days:

14th: The sakura season was mostly over, but at Osaka Mint they were in full bloom.
On the 15th we took a train to Tokyo. Around noon I separated from my family and met up with friends for a trip to Jimbocho (Book Town). I like this picture because it shows how hard it was to see, it was so sunny :p
My favourite children’s bookstore, Book House, was closed. But I still spent a lot at Kitazawa Books which was on the second floor of the same building.
16th: Inokashira Park is one of my favourite places to visit. I love Kichijoji!
After shopping near the park area, we took a train back to Osaka. At night my sister and I went to Dotonbori.
On the 17th, we went to Kyoto. We went to three touristy areas: Fushimi Inari, Kinkakuji (in this pic), and Kiyomizudera. Also went to Kodaiji temple but we didn’t go in.
Walking down Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka was probably the highlight, to me – there were just too many people to properly appreciate the temples and shrines.


I’ve yet to sort through the pictures from the 18th to 21st (our last day in Japan), so I’ll post them later. As for Jimbocho or Book Town, I made a small post about my visit there last year here. Back then I purchased a Yoshihiro Tatsumi print and the shop owner asked if I was a fan. I’ve only read a few of his translated work, not having the confidence to read them in the original. Since then, Yoshihiro Tatsumi (or Sumi-san, as the owner called him) had passed away. I didn’t visit the same shop this trip, although I paused when I was passing by it.

Kishiko looked up, but instead of seeing the shop’s sign she pointed at another sign – there was a new children’s bookstore on the fourth floor (the manga shop was on the 2nd). So we went up, and took a long time browsing through the narrow paths, pausing every now and then to pick up books that interested us. I didn’t get anything, but it’s a shop that’s worth revisiting one day. One corner of the shop was dedicated to zakka, and they were having a frog fair, exhibiting and selling frog-themed books, bags, jewelry, postcards, and various other things. I was seriously tempted by some of the ornaments, but I had already bought too much at Kitazawa Bookstore, so I refrained.


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