Monthly Wrap-Up

March’s Books


* A Court of Thorns and Roses, Sarah J. Maas
* Throne of Glass, Sarah J. Maas
* Crown of Midnight, Sarah J. Maas
* Heir of Fire, Sarah J. Maas
* Queen of Shadows, Sarah J. Maas
* Guardians Team-Up Vol.2: Unlikely Story, Bill Willingham
* Lucifer Vol.1: Devil in the Gateway, Mike Carey
* Batgirl Vol.2: Family Business, Cameron Stewart
* Omae Umasou da na, Miyanishi Tatsuya
* Civil War: Warzones!, Charles Soule
* How It Works: The Mum, Jazon Hazeley
* The Bear and the Wildcat, Kazumi Yumoto
* Shh! We Have A Plan, Chris Haughton
* Parachute, Danny Parker
* Thor Vol.2: Who Holds the Hammer?, Jason Aaron
* Ideas Are All Around, Philip C. Stead
* Enormous Smallness, Matthew Burgess
* Seven Black Diamonds, Melissa Marr
* Red Lily, Nora Roberts
* Bluescreen, Dan Wells


* Ms. Marvel #5, G. Willow Wilson & Nico Leon
* All-New, All-Different Avengers #7, Mark Waid & Adam Kubert
* Spider-Man #1, Brian Michael Bendis & Sara Pichelli
* The Uncanny X-Men #209, Chris Claremont & John Romita Jr.
* The Uncanny X-Men #210, Chris Claremont & John Romita Jr.

I think I did rather well in resisting the floppies. I was really, really tempted to get all the available issues of the individual Avengers, especially Spider-Man, Nova, and Thor, plus Hellcat and Captain Marvel and Totally Awesome Hulk – but I told myself NO and only got one issue of Spider-Man, plus the two series I’m already subscribed to – Ms. Marvel and All-New All-Different Avengers. Yes, buying single issues means supporting the comics and creators, etc., but I just can’t justify buying so many digital copies of stories I’m going to buy in trade later anyway. Plus, Comixology belongs to Amazon now, so I don’t feel like buying more than I absolutely need to. I’d change to the Marvel app, except that I also get my Image and DC stuff from Comixology so it just makes more sense to keep it. Now, if I could get PHYSICAL copies of the floppies without paying triple the price for shipping, then it would be another story…. Alas, I have yet to find a comic store in my city.

I just read wrote and realised that the Avengers whose individual adventures I’m not desperate to follow right now are Cap (Sam Wilson), Iron Man and Vision. Hmm. I wonder if this means something?

The two X-Men floppies I (re)read were really old issues that I had bought secondhand back in high school (which would really be junior high in the States I guess, but considered as high school here); Uncanny X-Men was my favourite series back then. I guess I related to the whole mutant thing, hahaha. Anyway, back then there WERE comic shops in the city, but I was a kid and could only afford secondhand floppies from the bargain bins, which was completely fine with me. I reread the same comics a LOT. And kept them all, too, up until 5, 6 years ago when I lost them. I recently found a small portion of my old comics, and couldn’t resist rereading those two issues.

I’m still behind on the trades I’d like to read/buy, and have a whole stack of them at my desk at work now. And yet, Guardians Team-Up (Vol 2), which wasn’t in my to-read list at all, slipped through. I read the Gamora/Nightcrawler team-up and bought the volume based on the strength of that story, which turned out to be a mistake, because none of the other stories, not even the Rocket Raccoon/Deadpool team-up, were quite as good. Oh well. At least now I love Nightcrawler again?

I wanted to start on a Lucifer reread before I start on Holly Black’s new Lucifer series, but I read Vol.1 in early March and have yet to start on the second volume, because I always intend to read it in Malacca, and I’d get too distracted by my niece. Which is also fine, I suppose. And Batgirl. I haven’t been following other DC titles, so Batman’s identity came as a pleasant surprise to me. Among other things, this volume made me wonder why I hadn’t bought the two volumes of Gotham Academy on my desk yet.

And then there’s the YA. Most of the month I’ve been reading Sarah J. Maas, because I was moderating her event at Kinokuniya on March 17th. Her books had been on my TBR for so long, and I’m glad I finally got to them, because they’re FUN. My friend, who started reading the series before me, found Celaena (the main character) to be annoying, but while I could see why, Celaena didn’t grate on me quite in the same way. I wasn’t in love with her as a character, but I didn’t hate her either. The same went with her love interests. As someone who always considered that the characters were the most important aspect in how much I loved a book, I found the story strong enough to make me want to continue reading despite that, and by the time I got to the third book (and was introduced to a character I absolutely LOVED) I was really invested in the series as a whole. And as for ACOTAR, well – it was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with heavy doses of Tam Lin and East of the Sun, West of the Moon. The latter are my favourite fairy tales (along with The Wild Swans and The Snow Queen), so of course I’m going to be biased for it.

April is going to be really busy for me, and my TBR stack is higher than ever, so I’m hoping that it won’t affect my reading too much.


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