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new shelves!

Last year I shared pictures of my shelves (and stacks of books on the floor :p), and said that I was planning to get new shelves. Turned out that it took an entire year before I finally did – by then, the piles had tripled in size. But now I have new shelves! Yay!

These are really my old shelves, but while the two shelves at the right used to hold my adult SF/F, now I have more space for YA/MG (and I still need MOAR), and half of my TBR. If I ever get through the entire TBR, these shelves will be YA/MG only.

A closer look at the above shelves
Originally, the gap between the shelves was made for a purpose that’s no longer relevant now, so I was thinking of closing it up. Instead, I put my Muji drawers – the bottom three are full of DVDs, and the top three are stationery and dice/figures for D&D.
Pardon the messy TV bench (spoiler: we haven’t used the TV for at least 8 months!) – my manga spinner have been moved next to it, where the Muji drawers used to be.
And FINALLY, my new shelves! I got two new Billy shelves, which are the ones on the right. My comics have more breathing space now – from one row to three, and my non-fiction got an extra 1.5 rows thanks to the comics being moved. As for the rest of the shelf: my Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman (both including Children’s/YA), as well as other adult SF/F. I left lots of space on these, so that I could add to them in the future.
I also added a picture ledge. Right now my signed Klassen print is hanging out with Miyakoshi Akiko’s Piano Happyoukai (Piano Recital) and Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, as well as Paddington and the Moomins. Oh, and Poe Dameron. Not sure how he ended up there.


Honestly, I still could use a little more space – the other half of my TBR are still haphazardly stacked from the floor up, and is growing every day – but I’m quite pleased with my new shelves. Now this goal is achieved, I’m faced with the problem of storing my CD collection, and weeding my library out a little to find books to give away. (I seem to have two copies of The Art of Neil Gaiman, for one. Didn’t realise it til today!)


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