Monthly Wrap-Up

June’s Books


YA (& older)

* The Crown, Kiera Cass
* The Crown’s Game, Evelyn Skye
* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling
* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J.K. Rowling
* Snow Like Ashes, Sara Raasch
* Ice Like Fire, Sara Raasch
* Frost Like Night, Sara Raasch

MG (and younger)

* Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood, Varsha Bajaj


* Minders of Make-Believe: Idealists, Entrepreneurs, and the Shaping of American Children’s Literature by Leonard S. Marcus


* Unfollow Vol. 1, Rob Williams
* Silk Vol. 1: Sinister, Robbie Thompson
* The Mighty Thor Vol. 1, Jason Aaron
* Nova Vol. 1: Burn Out, Sean Ryan
* Spider-Gwen Vol. 1, Jason Latour
* Patsy Walker Vol. 1, Kate Leth
* The Sisters Vol. 1, Christophe Cazenove
* Hawkeye Vol. 6, Jeff Lemire

Picture Book

* Thunder Boy Jr., Sherman Alexie
* Swap!, Steve Light
* A Bit Lost, Chris Haughton
* Good Night, Baddies, Deborah Underwood
* The New Small Person, Lauren Child
* Cloth Lullaby, Amy Novesky

Would you classify Harry Potter (books 4 and above) as YA? I guess I’ve been thinking of them as YA, but reading them now, it’s really mostly due to the size? They’re darker than the earlier HP books, but stuff like Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising books are also dark, and more sophisticated, and they’re firmly “middle grade” to me. I guess it doesn’t really matter, since we like what we like, and I like them all 🙂

I’ve been reading Sara Raasch because of work-related reasons, but by the end of the month it turned out that this work-related thing may have more to do with Evelyn Skye or Rosamund Hodge than Sara Raasch due to scheduling. Good thing I’m already a Rosamund Hodge fan, and I read The Crown’s Game earlier in the month! I did enjoy The Crown’s Game, especially the setting, and the magical duels, although I never did feel convinced that a two-enchanter system can’t work.

As for comics, I’m still working my way through interesting volume ones from the All-New All-Different Marvel, and while my interest in Hawkeye seems to be waning (I like Lemire but I miss Fraction/Aja too much) I realised that I was wrong about Patsy Walker. I thought I’d like the title. I ended up LOVING it, enough that I’m seriously considering adding it to my pull list, even though (1) I don’t have the $$, and (2) I don’t like doing this when there are 5+ issues already out. The Mighty Thor is another title I loved a whole lot more than I thought I would, while Nova dropped in my estimation JUST A TINY BIT because “searching for dad” is one of my least favourite tropes (*groaning at the thought of going through that with Iron Man*) but also I LOVED all the bits about Sam’s friends. Spider-Gwen… is one of those that I liked, but I wish I had loved. Silk is exactly as nice as I thought it would be – it didn’t exceed expectations, but it didn’t disappoint either.

I can’t wait for July’s trades, because a lot of my favourite and anticipated series are released this month!


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