Monthly Wrap-Up

February’s Books


* Ninefox Gambit, Yoon Ha Lee (audio)
* By Your Side, Kasie West
* Leviathan Wakes, James S.A. Corey
* The Crown of Dalemark, Diana Wynne Jones (audio, re”read”)

* Archie Vol.2, Mark Waid & Veronica Fish
* Jonesy Vol.1, Sam Humphries
* Platinum End (1), Tsugumi Oba & Takeshi Obata
* Haikyuu! (16), Furudate Haruichi
* Haikyuu! (17), Furudate Haruichi
* Haikyuu! (18), Furudate Haruichi
* Haikyuu! (19), Furudate Haruichi
* Haikyuu! (20), Furudate Haruichi
* Haikyuu! (21), Furudate Haruichi

* Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay, J.K. Rowling


* Archie #16
* Archie #17
* Curse Words #1
* Paper Girls #11
* Snotgirl #5
* Shade, the Changing Girl #4
* Super Sons #1
* Supergirl: Being Super #2
* Superman #1
* Hulk #3
* Inhumans vs. X-Men #3
* Inhumans vs. X-Men #4
* Champions #5
* The Mighty Captain Marvel #1
* The Mighty Captain Marvel #2
* Monsters Unleashed #1
* Monsters Unleashed #2
* Monsters Unleashed #3
* Ms. Marvel #15
* Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! #15
* Scarlet Witch #15
* Star-Lord #1
* Star-Lord #2
* Star-Lord #3

I haven’t read as many books as usual this month, but in terms of quality, I had an amazing reading month. After all, I finished listening to Ninefox Gambit and read Leviathan Wakes. Both books were excellent reads and made me really look forward to Raven Stratagem and Caliban’s War, although I admit I don’t have the time right now, because now I’m even more behind on my YA TBRs. The Kasie West was a sweet read, and listening to Crown of Dalemark was cool because now I know how some of the names/things are pronounced, among other things. I’m still considering if I ought to read the book before doing my reread post… since it gives me an excuse to delve right back into Dalemark. (The next book in my reread list is Hexwood, and I’ve been looking forward to that, too!)

My friend Isabelle convinced me to catch up with the Haikyuu! manga series, and now I’m borderline obsessed again. And – a new Paper Girls issue, after what feels like such a long break! Ugh, I’m so in love with this series. (Have I mentioned that I did a Q&A with Brian K. Vaughan for work last year? That was my ultimate fangirl high of 2016!) Aaaand I went and read Super Sons #1 for some reason, which now made me a little more interested in the DC rebirth comics than I used to be, although I’ll probably just wait for trades. Another unlikely read (for me) was Star-Lord; I like GotG, but the only solo comic I was ever interested in was Rocket’s, and maaaybe Gamora’s, so I’m not sure why I started on Star-Lord, but now I’m probably going to go on reading it, it’s so hilarious.

Archie, on the other hand, was not very hilarious. But it’s Mark Waid, and therefore still very good.

That’s all for February. Tomorrow, it’ll be March, and with March there is…


March Magics! I didn’t participate last year, because I was busy, and didn’t have the time. (Plus, I like Terry Pratchett a lot, but I would rather just focus on DWJ, and that deterred me a little.) But soon it’ll be March again, and the first three books in the Pratchett list this month are the Death books (which are my favourites), which means it really will be a magical month.


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