New Comic Book Day (February 28th)

Note: since I live in Malaysia, the earliest I can get my comics is about a week after the US release date. Sometimes our shipment comes in early (and we get our comics on time-ish). Sometimes they come late (and I get my comics two weeks late instead). So “new comic book day” here only means new to me, and at our store 🙂 And, of course, I’ll just include those in my pull-list that I read immediately after buying.

Supergirl: Being Super #2 by Mariko Tamaki & Joelle Jones

supergirl2I tend to go for female-led titles, but for some reason, I had never liked Supergirl much, even as a kid. I don’t even know why. Probably the same reason a lot of people I know don’t like Superman. Anyway, I tried this because Mariko Tamaki wrote it, and it was excellent. I loved Kara’s friendship with her two best friends, and that alone made me want to continue reading. This issue starts with a tragedy, and it kind of hit too close to home. I was literally crying, reading this.

Hulk #3 by Mariko Tamaki & Nico Leon

hulk3And then, I moved on to Hulk, in which Jennifer Walters is dealing with PTSD and is in the middle of what seemed like a normal case (her client is being threatened with eviction) but is turning out to be so much more (her client seems to be possessed by, or under the protection of, a darker, malevolent being). Jennifer not really wanting to see Patsy or her other friends because she didn’t feel like she could be the person she used to be with them, that was something I related to, as well. And the parallels she’s drawing with her client (who had survived being beaten up to near-death) makes me very interested in seeing how this all will play out.

Scarlet Witch #15 by James Robinson & Vanesa R. Del Rey

scarletwitch15I think… this may be the last issue of this run. It’s been very good, and I can’t wait to collect the trades next. I know a lot of people have complained about the fact that each issue in this series is by a different artist, but I liked that – it made me think of The Sandman, and in fact, this whole has the feel of Preludes & Nocturnes to me. Wanda had been on a long journey to find out what was wrong with witchcraft, and to find out her true history. With the ghost of Agatha Harkness, she travelled the world, solving magical mysteries/crimes along the way, and she walked on the Witches’ Road, where she found – and lost – her birth mother. In this issue, she exorcised a demon possessing a young boy whose bloodline is connected to a powerful witch from Cuba in the 1950s. The ending made me wonder if I ought to add Avengers back into my pull list…

The Mighty Captain Marvel #2 by Margaret Stohl & Ramon Rosanas

captainmarvel2I have to admit that while the prequel (#0) made me think oh, yay, we finally get our Carol back, even if she’s worse for the wear after CWII… #1 and #2 haven’t been that great in the same way. While #0 focused on Carol’s PTSD and inability to deal with the fallout of CWII, #1 jumped right into another storyline. The new arc is great and timely, dealing with immigration and how the people who didn’t want Carol digging too deeply into things made her focus on cashing in on her new celebrity status instead (to earn money to keep Alpha Flight going), so it isn’t that I don’t like it. But. I have this dreadful feeling that this is all going to tie-in with the upcoming Secret Empire event (of course it is) and I’m balking at the idea. PLEASE DON’T DRAG CAROL INTO ANOTHER STUPID EVENT, MARVEL. (Also can we please let her properly work out her PTSD, even a little bit? And patch things up with Kamala while we’re at it?)

Champions #1.MU by Jeremy Whitley & Ted Brandt

champions1muFor the record, I don’t like the idea of these “.MU” numbering system for the Monsters Unleashed event. But it’s one of the few events I actually enjoy somewhat (heroes vs. kaiju is way more fascinating than heroes vs. heroes), so I’ll let it pass. While the Spider-Man/Deadpool and Avengers MU titles dropped the reader right into a monster fight, this issue mostly read like a regular Champions title at first. The gang heads to save a group of protesters against villains (The Freelancers) hired by Roxxon, and despite trying for a more peaceful solution they got dragged into a fight… which was stopped when the kaiju started dropping on them. (They’re also the only ones calling the monsters kaiju, except for Kid Kaiju, if I remember right.) I love Kamala in this one – the fact that she took inspiration from Shatner and Ultraman, in one of my favourite embiggening scenes ever. I’m also really liking Viv Vision throughout all the Champions issues I’ve been reading. I’m not keen on the art in this one, but the cover is NICE.

IvX: Inhumans vs. X-Men #5 by Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule and Javier Garron

ivx5I normally hate hero vs. hero stuff, but my current favourite hero is an inhuman, and the X-Men were my childhood heroes, so I guess this is kind of personal. Plus, I like Charles Soule. And Jeff Lemire. I REALLY LIKE the fact that the NuHumans are the ones who (1) were overlooked and then grouped up to save the rest of the inhumans, and (2) realised why the X-Men had to attack them, and (3) stopped,  and asked themselves who were the real bad guys in the fight. I honestly don’t see Medusa ever questioning herself in that way, so I hope the NuHumans will find a way to solve everything with the younger X-Men. I’m really liking Mosaic, whose character I’m not familiar with, so now I may try his solo series. And Luna (Moon Girl) is the awesomest. My copy is the Michael Cho variant, by the way. I’ve been collecting these variants for this series since the first issue.


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