Mother & Child | Yusof Gajah (2009)

Mother & Child
Yusof Gajah (artist/illustrator)
Integra Majujaya (previously Oyez! Books), 2009
52 pages

back copy:

Mother & Child represents a selection of a series of water colours done by Yusof Gajah, in celebration of motherhood and the family. The images show how the mother tenderly teaches and cares for her child.

Also included in this delightful book are Yusof’s sketches, mostly done during his travels. They present a rare insight into the artist’s mind and give us a glimpse of the ideas that would later form his paintings.

A truly beautiful and inspirational book…

My thoughts:

I received this book along as part of a large stack from Daphne (because she’s moving, and is giving away some of her old books). At first glance, I thought it was a picture book, but when I flipped through I realised that it was just Yusof Gajah’s paintings, and some quotes to go along with it. I’m kind of a fan of his paintings, so this didn’t bother me, although I did wonder if it’s meant to be a children’s book, or if it’s only designated as such because Integra/Oyez is mainly known for publishing kidlit.

a low-res IG post of some of the book’s pages

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