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The Lives of Christopher Chant

I can never decide whether this or Charmed Life is my favourite Chrestomanci book. On the one hand, this book has a young Christopher Chant who thinks he will grow up to be an evil enchanter, and thinks he doesn’t want to be Chrestomanci, and then all these things happen in between and he learns otherwise. I really like that. I REALLY like that – the fact that early on, we realise what is going on even when Christopher doesn’t, and I loved following his story as he slowly learns all these truths about himself and the world/people around him. And, well. On the other hand, there’s Cat Chant, who is one of my favourite characters, and the fact that Charmed Life is the first DWJ book I’ve read. It’s so hard to choose, but I guess that’s okay because I can have both.

Our Christopher Chant question is…

When The Living Asheth gets to World Twelve-A, she needs a new name so that she can hide from The Arm of Asheth. She chooses Millie because of the boarding school books that she adored from Christopher’s world. If you needed a new name, which bookish moniker would you choose?

Hmm. That’s a difficult one, and not just because there aren’t enough non-white characters to choose from. If I were to go with a childhood favourite series, then I might be Anne or Emily (from the L.M. Montgomery books), I suppose. If I were to choose from a book/series I enjoy now, there’s… Helen, or Tanaqui (which only works as an online name), or Tan Audel (ditto), or Kira (from Dan Wells’ Partials series), or Sophie, although I have a niece named Sophie and two of my friends have kids named Sophie. And I’d choose from Dan Wells’ Mirador books, but the character’s name is… Marisa. So. There you go.


5 thoughts on “The Lives of Christopher Chant

  1. My difficulty with this question is that on the whole I hate to be limited, which is why I chose a user name which expresses an idealised state — tranquillity, based on my initials — rather than a character. My email address includes ‘ed’ (because I used to be an amateur magazine editor) but I hated it when people addressed me as Ed, assuming this was my name.

    Another difficulty is, how to choose a favourite among your ‘children’? Because that’s in a way how I view the protagonists of many of the books I read, with whom it’s easy to identify!

    So, something for me to ponder. I see you haven’t quite answered the question either!

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    1. You’re right – I wouldn’t mind taking on any of the names I mentioned in my post, but I really can’t decide. And in the end, I guess I like my name best – I love that my name means “of the sea”, and that I’m called Mari for short, and that my most-used username is “marineko”, after all 🙂

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      1. In a way your ideal name is your real name, so lucky you! 🙂

        I don’t know what my ideal name is or would be — I’m not religious so Christopher has always seemed a misnomer — but no doubt it’s out there. Perhaps, like TS Eliot’s cats, I have a name that nobody else knows, but unlike cats not even I know what it is!


  2. I’ve never heard of this book! I’m glad you enjoyed it. And a bookish name, huh? Ahah what a coincidence that there is a bookish character with the same name as you! That’s so great. I personally have no idea what name I’d pick, though! There are so many options…!


  3. I think that’s lovely that you chose your own name! And my favorite part of this book is when Christopher is so amazingly successful at stepping in when he needs to be Chrestomanci. I like Cat better in The Pinhoe Egg when he finally finds his confidence.


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