#NewComicBookDay (March 22nd)


Elektra #2 by Matt Owens and Juan Cabal
While I do find the trope of deadly games scary enough, I can never take Arcade seriously as a villain. So far, this hasn’t spoiled the story for me, but I guess I’ll have to see how it goes in future issues…

Hulk #4 by Mariko Tamaki and Nico Leon
I find this case that Jennifer is investigating a lot creepier and scarier than all her adventures I’ve read when she was in Avengers. And all the stuff about trauma and how certain events can change or scar you forever – I needed that. I didn’t know I needed this story, but I really did.

Invincible Iron Man #5 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stefano Caselli
Riri Williams and Pepper Potts teamed up, and SHIELD tried to butt in and get Riri to play follow the leader. Oh, and Sharon Carter got burned by Riri, which was awesome.

Rocket Raccoon #4 by Matthew Rosenberg & Jorge Coelho
Perhaps this issue is a bit on the nose, with the Statue of Liberty being blasted and Rocket being sent to what looks like an alien refugee camp, but it’s also timely, and I do appreciate it. (Plus, this is a Rocket Raccoon comic. Seeing him make a weapon out of stolen toilet parts was enough to make this comic worth being in one’s pull list.)


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