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Conrad’s Fate and The Pinhoe Egg

Since this may be my last #MarchMagics related post, I’m going to smush the Conrad’s Fate and Pinhoe Egg questions here. I haven’t got to either books in my reread project, so I don’t remember them as well as I do the others. All I remember is: Conrad’s Fate is about a young Christopher, when Gabriel de Witt was still Chrestomanci. It had more bad parents/guardians and like The Lives of Christopher Chant,  it’s told from the point of view of a kid who doesn’t have access to the right information, or is being manipulated, by the adults around him. I don’t remember much else, having read it only once before. I can’t wait to reread it now!

The Conrad’s Fate question is: If you were to discover a family secret, would you rather it be: a noble title, money, or magic?

Um, magic. Of course magic! And not just average magic – I would want enough of it, or to have rare enough magic, to warrant an invite to Chrestomanci Castle. I may not want to be a nine-lifed enchanter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to learn magic at the Castle!

I don’t remember much about The Pinhoe Egg (which is Kit’s favourite Chrestomanci book), either  – other than the fact that it’s about Cat Chant, so Christopher is the Chrestomanci, and instead of Julia and Roger, the other two main characters were Marianne and Joe Pinhoe. Oh, and there’s a griffin! I’m sure there are other animals too but I distinctly remember griffins. I do remember having lots of feels for Cat while reading this book, and enjoying the bits about different types of magic.

The Pinhoe Egg question: There are three different kinds of magic in this story: enchanter magic, dwimmer (natural magic), and the hybrid tech-magic that Joe uses. Which kind of magic would you most like to have?

Being an enchanter would be nice, and a lot better than being a hedge witch, but I prefer the other two options. While I would love to have dwimmer/natural magic, and do all the things that Cat could do (and make plants thrive instead of killing them!)… I think I would probably be more adept at hybrid tech-magic like Joe. I like my science too much, and it would be really great to create SFnal things using magic to do what science can’t.


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