Comics I Read Last Week (March 29th / April 5th)


America #2 by Gabby Rivera & Ming Doyle

America Chavez continues her epic first day in college in the frontlines of WWII. It’s cool that she gets to meet Peggy Carter and punch nazis, but… I guess I’m still not that into this series, as much as I want to be. The dialogue’s still kind of stilted and cheesy, and I’m still not seeing enough of America beyond the cocky self-assured persona she shows the public. This issue is perfectly fine, and the cover is brilliant, but I guess I wanted it to be more.

The Mighty Captain Marvel #3 by Margaret Stohl & Ramon Rosanas

I don’t know, so far I haven’t been that into this run of Captain Marvel. I loved the first issue (or was that #0), but everything after has been just okay. In this issue, Carol tries to figure out why her powers are getting weird and out of control. In order to do so, she will have to dig into her past, and her Kree connections. Finding out more about her powers was interesting, but my favourite Carol comics were the ones her friendships and life was integrated into the story, where we got to see Carol, and not just Captain Marvel. I guess I miss Carol.

Champions #7 by Mark Waid & Humberto Ramos

Another throw down with the Freelancers. The Champions finally got to clear their names on the incident with the two homeless guys, but the Freelancers have moved on to bigger things. I guess while a lot of the issues brought up in this series so far are similar to those in Ms. Marvel, in Champions they sometimes feel too on the nose. I can’t wait for this Freelancers arc to be over, but I suspect it’ll be awhile before it does.

Hawkeye #5 by Kelly Thompson & Michael Walsh

Jessica Jones is in town on a case, and Kate Bishop is ready to help. I still love the style of this run – not quite like the Aja/Fraction run of Hawkeye, but unique enough that it reminds me of it. And the colours! It helps that Kate is still very much Kate – sometimes a bit of a dork, and always fun to read.


Nova #5 by Jeff Loveness & Ramon Perez

When Sam’s sister was attacked by a monster, Richard Rider revealed that when he returned to Earth, something came back with him. I really liked how Sam and his family were drawn in this issue; I think in the last couple of Nova runs he always seemed a lot whiter than his mother and sister. Looking forward to the next one!

Paper Girls #13 by Brian K. Vaughan & Cliff Chiang

The girls are STILL separated. Discoveries are made on both sides – some cool, some not so cool. I really really really want the next issue now. I think this is why I usually wait for the trades…

Royals #1 by Al Ewing & Jonboy Meyers

Hmm. I like the Inhumans, and am curious about their future post-IvX, but I’m really not a fan of the art for this series. I read it anyway, hoping that the story would make it worth it, but it’s still kind of meh to me, so I’ll probably drop this series.

Shade, the Changing Girl #7 by Cecil Castellucci & Marguerite Sauvage

Yet another awesome issue of Shade. In this one, Shade gets closer to River and Teacup, telling them stories about Meta, and about her growing up there. We get to see who Loma was, how she became obsessed with Rac Shade, and the reason why she was determined to go to Earth. She was determined to be a loner, but with River and Teacup, she thought that she might have found her flock. After an incident at homecoming, though, she thinks she was mistaken and that she should stop living Megan’s life, and to finally go see all the things she came to Earth to see.


Spider-Man #15 by Brian Michael Bendis & Szymon Kudranski

Miles’ mom found out about his dad being back in SHIELD, and him being Spider-Man, and things did not go well. Things were just a bit better at school, and… that’s about it. Nothing much happens – there’s more Danika, yay, and some ominous villain who will probably hatch a sinister plan in future issues, but that’s it.

X-Men Prime #1 by Marc Guggenheim & Leonard Kirk

After the events of Inhumans vs. X-Men, Storm decided that she wanted to leave X-Men. The only problem was… who would lead them? Kitty Pride, of course. That is, if Storm could convince her to come back. Most of this issue deal with the repercussions of the war against the Inhumans, and Kitty’s complicated feelings about rejoining the X-Men, not to mention leading them. This is also the issue where we see the blue and gold team split up, with Jean Grey leading the time-displaced original X-Men out of the X Mansion to strike out on their own. While I’m not 100% keen on the whole “going back to the original heroes” thing because it feels like Marvel wanted to undo some of the good stuff they’ve been putting out, I do like the X-Men’s new direction. I have to admit it – I grew up reading the X-Men comics with Kitty as the baby of the group, and it’s nice to see her come back and take charge. And Jubilee, one of my favourites as a teen, is now a MOM, and mentoring new X-Men, wow. And Jean – she was one of my favourites back then, even though all my friends hated her… I love seeing this time-displaced, Marvel Girl version of her. I hope that the future stories will do these characters justice. (Although, the fact that Weapon X is one of the new series Marvel is putting out, and Lady Deathstrike appears in this issue, make me think it’s all going to be same-old, same-old.)

Note: I originally read X-Men: Gold #1 by Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf and wrote a pretty positive comment on it. Then I found out about the controversy regarding the art, and deleted my initial comment because I felt conflicted about leaving it up. I still do feel conflicted – on the one hand, what Syaf did had nothing to do with the story and it was the story that I liked (I’m kind of “meh” when it comes to Syaf’s art.) On the other hand, the message Syaf embedded in his art is reprehensible, so I don’t really want to promote anything to do with it. So I’ll just include this note here instead.


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