#NCBD: Comics I Read Last Week (May 13th)


America #3 by Gabby Rivera & Joe Quinones

America… did not impress me. At least not the first two issues. I love America Chavez, and I liked the art as well as a lot of the ideas that the story was putting across, but the dialogue felt cheesy, and the story rather choppy. If America wasn’t one of my favourite characters I might not have continued, but I’m glad I did, because this third issue is SO MUCH BETTER. There are still things I might take issue with, and I still wish this series would give us more of who America is when she ISN’T superhero-ing, and is a just college student, but overall, I enjoyed this issue. I loved her interaction with mohawk!Storm most of all, and the bit about her childhood.

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 by Gerry Duggan & Aaron Kuder

I have to say, I’m not all excited about the comics getting more and more like the movies, but I REALLY LIKED this. I was wondering how’d they explain a Baby Groot when in the comics I’ve read, at least, (I admit I haven’t read that many cosmic Marvel titles) Groot regenerates a lot faster compared to the movies. This is actually brought up at the end of this issue, in a twist that looks like it’s gearing up to be a pretty cool arc.

Champions #8 by Mark Waid & Humberto Ramos

This may just be my favourite Champions issue ever, because (1) Spider-Man and Nova trying to keep Ms. Marvel in check, (2) VISION AS A DAD, (3) Ms. Marvel saying “I love you!” FIVE TIMES, (4) Chulk/Cyclops friendship, (5) the SIXTH SMARTEST PERSON IN A TEAM OF SIX, and (6) MORE Vision as a dad. I may not be the biggest fan of the Freelancers arc, but I love the way it concluded, and they’re still my favourite super-team. (Also, I wonder how often Cyclops would zigzag between Champions and X-Men…)

Jean Grey #1 by Dennis Hopeless & Victor Ibanez

Jean is just having brunch with Pickles in Kyoto when trouble follows her. The villains and the fight are pretty standard, except that they got the best of her because she was distracted by a strong premonition of the Phoenix coming for her. Since this Jean Grey had never been a host for the Phoenix before, she’s determined to keep it that way. I’ve always thought of Jean Grey as underrated – she’s popular as a character, but thanks to how she’s portrayed in the movies and some of the comics, as a goody-two-shoes who needs to be protected a LOT of the time, not to mention being one of the very few women in an all-boys club, gave her a lot of hate. Maybe I love her because I grew up with a different Jean, or maybe it’s because I know that just because her powers aren’t manifested in a physical manner it doesn’t mean she isn’t badass, or maybe I like the idea of her as a phoenix, always rising up from the ash. Maybe because she was one of my first comic book crushes. Either way, I honestly don’t get all the hate people have for her, and I’m really into this current Jean – someone who’s sick of being in the background all the time, who’s FINALLY leader, who didn’t like what she saw in her future and is doing everything she could to gain control of her life.


Rocket #1 by Al Ewing & Adam Gorham

Rocket’s in a bar, about to bare it all to the bartend when an old flame found him, and tried to get him to pull off a heist that might save her home. Heists in space. Of course I loved this. It took me awhile to get into, though, because the thing that tipped me over to the cosmic Marvel titles was Skottie Young’s run of Rocket Raccoon, and this new run has a completely different feel. Still, Rocket is Rocket, and weirdly enough, this very noir take on him works for me.

Spider-Man #16 by Brian Michale Bendis & Oscar Bazaldua

After his universe-jumping adventure with Spider-Gwen, culminating in his mom figuring out who he was, Miles is now ready to settle back down to normal life… like getting on the bad side of Black Cat. In the meantime, I worry about Ganke telling Danika too much, but the idea of them together is cute!

X-Men: Blue #2 by Cullen Bunn & Jorge Molina
X-Men: Blue #3 by Cullen Bunn & Jorge Molina

Is it weird that I find Molina’s Magneto kinda attractive? Aesthetically speaking, that is. I keep having to remind myself that this is Magneto. MAGNETO! Not exactly the nicest dude in the Marvel Universe. I think I’ve been brainwashed by the movies, ahaha. Anyway, I appreciate that Cyclops here looks young-ish, although I still prefer the way he’s drawn in Champions. This is teen!Cyclops, after all, not the weird Magneto-like person he ended up as. Again, I digress. This team includes all my childhood faves (besides Kitty Pryde or Jubilee) so I would expect it to feel more like the X-Men I’m used to, but it doesn’t. That award goes to X-Men: Gold. What this is, is an interesting look at all the changes that have happened in the Marvel Universe, and how it affected the characters. Magneto, for example, seems to be advising the Blue team, and claims to want peace between mutants and humans now. (Really?) And Bastion reprogrammed some Sentinels to HELP mutants. Everything is weird in the world, especially for the five time-displaced X-Men, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they would encounter in the future.

X-Men: Gold #2 by Marc Guggenheim & Ardian Syaf

This and Blue are making me excited about the X-Men again. I never thought it would happen! And I’m sure that if I continued with Prime, it’d be on my list too – I liked the first issue, it’s just that I can’t keep all of these titles in my pull-list. Now I can only hope that the Secret Empire event doesn’t ruin these series. Anyway, back to this title – the X-Men are back, but so are the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which seems to be sans-Magneto for now… but that may be because he’s working with the Blue team?


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