Dreamin’ Sun Vol. 1 by Ichigo Takano

Shimana Kameko felt like she no longer belonged at home – ever since her father remarried, he was utterly devoted to his new bride, and now that she had a new brother she felt more invisible than before. Deciding to run away from home, she skipped school to think about what to do next, when she met a strange man who claimed that he would let her rent out a room at his place for cheap if she fulfilled three conditions. And that was how Shimana ended up in an odd household with Taiga, Asahi and Zen.

Ichigo Takano is the author of Orange, a really popular manga that I’ve yet to read. Somehow, Dreamin’ Sun drew my attention first, despite the rougher look of the art in comparison to Orange. This translated version is based on the Japanese reprint, so the art had been touched up – knowing this made me want to find the originals. The rougher style made it seem appealing in an offbeat kind of way, and the synopsis reminded me of Fruits Basket, which is one of my favourite shojo titles. Unfortunately, that’s the only similarity.

Shimana isn’t very likable at first, which is something I usually don’t mind in novels, but require in my shojo manga. I have hopes that she’ll get better, though, and in this volume, I don’t even mind the projected love triangles that are being set up. So far I’m enjoying the humour, and I’ve always liked the idea of makeshift families, even if I disagree with Shimana’s reason for leaving home. In the end, there’s nothing about this story that stands out in anyway, and I think it’s probably going to be a sweet/funny/safe shojo romance – definitely not for those looking for something meatier, but I consider it worth reading if you’re in the mood for a cute, upbeat (and offbeat) romantic comedy.


4 thoughts on “Dreamin’ Sun Vol. 1 by Ichigo Takano

  1. I knew the art looked familiar! I haven’t read Orange yet either (but I all five volumes waiting on my TBR shelf) despite the immense popularity. I love the color palette of this cover and the premise is more of one that I’d normally go for (shoujo is my favorite), so I’m going to add this to my TBR list. Speaking of shoujo, have you heard of Dengeki Daisy? So many readers have told me it’s a shoujo classic and I’ve recently picked it up. It’s great and I’d recommend it!


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    1. The colour palette is one of the reasons I was attracted to this cover 😀 And I haven’t read Dengeki Daisy; thanks for the rec! Will be checking it out 🙂


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