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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Party

Sometimes I wonder if I’d enjoy one of these events if I got to participate in them, instead of just organising them all the time! I do like seeing everyone having fun, especially at our HP events. This time, we had a little more time to work with than usual, so we could include two card games – Cards Against Wizardry (a CAH-like game I made up) and Wizards’ Duel (a MTG-like game my colleague Imran made up) along with the Hogwarts Hunt. 

Last February, Gryffindor won the House Cup while Slytherin came second by a close margin. The Slytherins – a few of them returned for this July party – obviously still held a grudge against the Gryffindors for that, and won the first two games, putting them so far ahead of the other teams that it didn’t even matter if they won the third.

Gryffindor won the last game, putting them second to Slytherin.

Ravenclaw was dead last, which disappointed me a bit since Ravenclaw won the very first House Cup we did, but haven’t managed to keep it after. This year they were rather unlucky, though, as they received a lot of Howlers during the Hogwarts Hunt.

The first round of Cards Against Wizardry is also an ice-breaker for the teams/houses.


July 2017 students!


The table where all the inter-house dueling happens.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Party

  1. Sounds like a lot of the fun was in the planning and creating and organising and presenting, but I’m sure participants enjoyed it too! I suppose some (like you?) fall more on the ‘giving’ side and others on the ‘receiving’, but that’s all fine, isn’t it?

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