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Book Talk and Q&A with Kasie West


I said in an earlier post that I’m a Kasie West fan. What I didn’t include was, while I do read a lot of YA contemporary, and even a number of YA contemporary romance, the latter isn’t one of my favourite genres. In fact, I wouldn’t mind it if the books I read are completely romance free. (Which is weird, considering I’m a sucker for so many romantic tropes!) I started reading Kasie West because of Pivot Point, which is more paranormal/suspense, and was happy to find that besides enjoying the story, I enjoyed the writing. It made me try The Distance Between Us, which I really loved, and that cemented my status as a Kasie West fan.

Last weekend, we had a Google Hangout session with Kasie West (thanks to EpicReads!). I had to admit to being a little stressed and anxious because I haven’t read everything by her, and this is the first time we’re doing a Q&A with an author with so many standalone titles, but it turned out to be a really fun event. I did ask mostly Pivot Point/Split Second related questions, because they are still my favourites. Kasie said that if she could have a super power, Addison’s ability (in Pivot Point) would not be one she’d choose – instead, she would rather be able to teleport or fly. While I would sort of welcome Addie’s power, I do see the fun in being able to travel easily! One of the other questions asked was what she would like to write about, if she was to write a sequel/companion to any of her contemporary books – Kasie answered that she would like to follow up with Caymen from The Distance Between Us (now I’m wishing for this to happen), or a companion to On the Fence featuring one of Charlie’s brothers (I would love to read this, too!)

Of course, she talked about her upcoming books – Lucky in Love, which is being released next week, and Love, Life, and the List, which is coming out in March next year. She also has another title coming out in summer 2018 called Listen to Your Heart, so there’s a lot to look out for!

Note: I didn’t realise how almost all the covers feature headless couples until now! I realise that this isn’t everyone’s thing, but I prefer not seeing real faces on book covers, so that I can imagine the characters myself.


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