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Google Hangout with Michelle Knudsen + ACOTAR Celebration

Last Saturday we had two events as part of our YAwesome fest – our last Google Hangout session with Michelle Knudsen, and an ACOTAR series celebration party as the final event of the month. I am so relieved that everything’s over! And yet, I’m missing it all already, because it was SO FUN being able to connect with other YA fans.

The Michelle Knudsen event turned out to be one of my favourite things, because I’m not much of a horror reader and might not have picked up her Evil Librarian books otherwise. As it was, I read both books in a single day and ended up ABSOLUTELY loving them – I’m still mulling over whether I ought to do a “review” post because I’m not sure I can be coherent right now. Maybe later! Anyway, the books were described as “Buffy meets Glee” and that’s the exact vibe of the series. It’s fun and HILARIOUS and campy and yeah, there are horror elements, but there’s more to the books than that.

Michelle started out by telling us about how she got into writing – she had written lots of picture books and a middle grade fantasy series before Evil Librarian – and got into the specifics of the YA series. She said that while it wasn’t planned as a trilogy (and in fact both books could be read as standalones) there will be a third book, which I’m obviously excited about. I asked if the third will be centered on a particular musical, and she said Les Mis, and now I’m even more excited! We’ll also know more about the demon world, so – yes, looking forward to next year. One of the participants was one of my best friends from high school (all the way from middle school, I suppose, if I’m going by the US system) where we were both library monitors – it was fun meeting up again, especially for a book like this one!

The ACOTAR event was fun in a more general fangirling/fanboying sort of way. We started out with everyone making flower crowns, and everyone was pretty serious at first, but after awhile all the Harry Potter jokes started coming (every event would have at least a HP mention, we can’t help it!) and the Spring Court slowly came into session. We did the Who Said What quiz where the participants were divided into two teams, and we had a really lively debate on Rhysand/Feyre vs Cassian/Nesta. Points were being given throughout the whole event, and the top three with the highest points won ACOTAR totes from Bloomsbury.

At the end of it all, I was EXHAUSTED and looking forward to my 3-day leave (to my parents’ place in Melaka, to see my niece Arissa!). I’m also thinking of doing an authorless release party for Sarah J. Maas’ Tower of Dawn


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