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My 100: TBR

I didn’t post anything last week, and may not be posting much in the next two weeks (I’ll try, though), because I’ve been in a book slump. I didn’t feel like reading, or writing about books. I’ve been feeling that way for the past few weeks, but I had pre-scheduled posts up to the week before last.

Anyway. I am slowly reading again, thanks to Victoria Schwab’s Monsters of Verity books. In the meantime, I’ve been choosing and setting up my 2018 planner. I’ve decided on a Hobonichi Techo Cousin; it has this ‘My 100’ bit at the back where you could list your 100… anything. People use them to track their reading, or set goals, or as a gratitude list, and more. I was thinking of listing novels that I read, but really I already have GoodReads and LibraryThing for that. Then I remembered my overwhelming TBR pile, and I decided that that was going to be my 2018’s list/goal.

I won’t be going on a book ban. I have tried this, and it doesn’t work for me. Plus, I need to read new books as part of my work.

I won’t stop reading new books. I may put aside sequels for following years, but I need to read the first books in series, and any standalones that I think might be worth promoting/handselling.

I probably won’t stop rereading when the mood comes, or when I need to for work.

I will be reading as many books from my TBR stack as possible, in between new books and rereads. And hopefully, I will be clearing 100 books from my TBR stack next year. I’m not going to pressure myself on this, though, as there’s no point making something stressful that’s supposed to be fun.


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