Monthly Wrap-Up

January’s Books


* This Adventure Ends, Emma Mills
* Less, Andrew Sean Greer
* Tash Hearts Tolstoy, Kathryn Ormsbee
* The Cruel Prince, Holly Black
* Seventeen Stitches, Sean Eads
* Elephant and Piggie: Listen to My Trumpet!, Mo Willems
* Goodbye Vitamin, Rachel Khong

* Invincible Iron Man Vol.1: Riri Williams, Brian Michael Bendis & Stefano Caselli (Reread)
* The Mighty Captain Marvel Vol.1: Alien Nation, Margaret Stohl & Ramon Rosanas (Reread)

Favourite reads this month: Tash Hearts Tolstoy, This Adventure Ends, The Cruel Prince, and Less.

I’ve been on another reading slump. Am still in one, even though I’m technically reading three books at the same time. When I’m in my slumps, I still read, but almost anything can distract me from my books – and so I read everything so much slower. And it’s hard to find new things that I feel like reading, too.

I’m hoping I’ll get over this slump soon. At the moment, Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series (in audio) seem to be helping.


2 thoughts on “January’s Books

  1. I hate it when I fall into a reading slump. Do you ever wonder, why we bookworms fall into reading slumps? There should be a scientific theory about it.


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