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WWW Wednesdays (21st March)

Yep, doing this on a Thursday, again.

What are you currently reading?

I am listening to Kevin Kwan’s Rich People Problems. This is definitely a book that I think is more fun to listen to, especially with the current narrator (Lydia Look). The narrator for the first book (Lynn Chen) just didn’t get the Singlish accent quite right, and the Malay pronounciations were terrible. Lydia Look is a lot better with the Singlish, even if the Malay is still a little awkward sometimes. Aaaand I just looked Lynn Chen up, she played Vivian in the movie Saving Face. I loved that movie!

(The narrators made me think about the upcoming movie a lot. I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m aware that not all of the actors are Malaysian/Singaporean. Will the Singlish still sound like Singlish? Or will they all have some sort of Generic Hollywood Asian Accent?)


What did you recently finish reading?

Before Rich People Problems, of course I was listening to China Rich Girlfriend. Lydia Look narrated this one as well, and I loved it. Why was it that this book that is about people who are richer than I could ever imagine, whose lives are nothing like mine, felt so relatable? I guess it’s the Singaporean thing; life in Singapore and Malaysia aren’t too different. I think this is probably also the reason I enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians, and what I’ve listened of Rich People Problems, more than China Rich Girlfriend. The second book is mostly set in China and Hong Kong.


What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m still in a book slump, and my audiobook library isn’t very big. I will probably try to finish Kasie West’s Lucky In Love (I am halfway through). I’m starting to really fall behind on my TBR, though, so I’m probably going to start on Gene Gant’s King Geordi the Great or Dov Zeller’s The Right Thing to Do at the Time.


2 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays (21st March)

  1. I watched Saving Face years ago when I was still studying (I had a binge and I also watched Butterfly, Intimates, Red Doors–I loved this one as well, the other two just so so) and yeah, it was so funny XD I really want to read Crazy Rich Asians but can’t yet because too many books! I may end up watching the movie first.
    I think by the time you posted this, it was still Wednesday in Honolulu.


    1. I watched all those movies in college too, together with movies like But I’m A Cheerleader! and All Over Me. Saving Face was probably my favourite among all of them, because I like romcoms XD (But I’m A Cheerleader! was a close second)


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